Childhood is an Adventure.


OutGrown is a national 501c3 nonprofit that empowers families with babies and young children to step outside and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of growing up in nature.

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Outside Guides are the welcome point, the invitation, the community connectors, hike and event hosts, and the guides to their region's nature for families.

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We believe that inviting families to play outside together is a powerful way to build community and foster a life-long love of nature.

This simple act is bigger than it seems. In gathering families to play and explore outdoors, we acknowledge their individual relationships with the natural world, and provide responsive and relevant resources and a supportive environment to nurture their own sense of belonging in outdoor spaces.

Join Out🌱Grown this spring as we step outside to explore nature with all of our senses and learn about the benefits of Sensory Play for your little ones! We have so many fun activities to share!​


Aventuras en Día Lluviosa

Un Paseo Sensorial

Rainy Day Adventures

Take a Sensory Walk


"I needed someone to tell me that I SHOULD go outside in nature, that fresh air would help me mentally, that walking with other parents would help so immensely. That the air outside was healthier than my stuffy house."

"Venturing out on a stroller walk with our newborn was an incredibly freeing experience. It was like we had collectively been holding our breath since becoming new parents, and getting out into nature allowed us to finally exhale and realize we could manage this new parent thing!"

"We found a place we belonged and realized how much we all thrived outside. It was the village every parent needs in their life and everyone was invited, even the kids that couldn't sit still or acted a little different."

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