Empower families with babies and young children to step outside and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of growing up in nature.

OutGrown is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the 'baby nature gap.' We are committed to empowering families with young children to explore and embrace the outdoors. By facilitating accessible and inclusive outdoor experiences, we aim to ensure that the physical and mental benefits of growing up in nature are available to all families, fostering a lifelong connection with the natural world and nurturing future generations of environmental stewards.

We believe in the transformative power of outdoor play in building community and fostering enduring connections with nature, especially within marginalized communities. Our initiative goes beyond mere recreation; it is a vital tool for social inclusion and environmental education.

By inviting families from diverse and underserved backgrounds to explore and enjoy the outdoors together, we not only recognize their unique relationships with nature but also actively work to dismantle barriers to access. Providing culturally responsive resources and a welcoming environment empowers these communities to forge a sense of ownership and belonging in outdoor spaces. Our efforts aim to create equitable opportunities for all families to experience nature's healing and unifying power, supporting their journey towards a deepened connection with the environment.

This approach is instrumental in nurturing a generation that values and protects our natural world. For our funders, supporting our mission means investing in a more inclusive, environmentally conscious future.


A world where everyone can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of spending time outside. 

Today, this is not the case. We acknowledge not everyone has the same history and experience with outdoor activities and many people and communities have been excluded or not invited into this space. Additionally, the current definition of what it means to be outside and who belongs there has been historically limited to a bearded white man atop a snow-peaked mountain. OutGrown is working to change this narrative. We are making the outdoors a more equitable place by normalizing time spent in nature and who is welcome in nature. We are doing this by creating communities where nature is redefined as not only a faraway space only to be enjoyed by those with the privilege, means, and abilities to be “adventurous” and “outdoorsy” but as a place that is welcoming, safe, and accessible for all. Regardless of background, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender, relationship, age, size, shape, language, and more, anyone who wants to experience the outdoors is the NEW definition of “outdoorsy.” Furthermore, we believe that for people to feel welcome in the outdoors, we also have to broaden the definition of what outdoor activity includes. It is not just getting on a trail in the deep woods, or climbing distant peaks. It does not require special gear or experience. Being in nature is something we should all be able to do and all it should take is a step outside. We are lowering barriers both locally and globally to ensure more families feel like they belong outside and can easily and safely enjoy its benefits for generations to come. Learn more about our equity commitment by clicking here.



We bring families outside together to create authentic, supportive connections. 

We actively commit to diversity and inclusion in our community, and to continued learning and action on equity to ensure we welcome all families and leave no family behind. 


We empower families by working together to share resources, provide opportunities, and remove barriers to be or go outside with confidence. 

We are normalizing nature by encouraging families to spend time outside whether on the front step or in the back country and everything in between. 

We believe in the inherent benefits of time outside and that everyone deserves to experience them from birth. 


We believe it is vital to respect, protect and share nature from our first step outside. 

We commit to taking and inspiring local and global action to ensure equitable access to the outdoors for generations to come.