Celebrate the arrival of spring with us!

Join OutšŸŒ±Grown this spring as we step outside to explore nature with all of our senses and learn about the benefits of Sensory Play for your little ones! We have so many fun activities to share!

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Sensory Walk

Step outside and take a Sensory Walk with your kiddos!

Adventure Goals

A new season means new adventures! Download for some of our favorite ideas.

Coloring Page

As you color, stop and listen, breathe deeply and pay attention to your senses.

Being outside together as a family is a magical experience.

There are so many things to SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, and SMELL.

For little ones, awakening their senses sparks wonder and curiosity towards the natural world.


Estar afuera al aire libre en familia es una experiencia mágica.

Hay muchísimas cosas para VER, OÍR, TOCAR y OLER.

Para los más pequeños, el despertar sus sentidos despierta también el asombro y la curiosidad acerca del mundo natural.



Aventuras de Primavera

Rainy Day Adventure Basics

Un Paseo Sensorial

Take a Sensory Walk